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Below is a translation of a Telugu article written by S. Lakshmi, published in the fortnightly magazine ‘Sai Baba’, regarding the steps to be followed, as told by Pujya Sri Sai Master to a beginner, on the ladder of spiritual discipline.


A young man once came to Acharya Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja and requested him to provide some guidelines for sadhana.  The master replied thus:

  1. Wake up at 5 in the morning. Open your eyes and gazing at the photo of Baba impress upon your mind that he is truly present. Pray to him that He be with you always, leading you on the path of Truth.
  2. Perform your morning chores being aware that the loving eyes of the all-pervading Lord are always on you.
  3. During your ablutions wash your right leg with your hands praying, “Baba! Kindly lead me on the right path always”. While washing your left leg pray thus, “Baba! Keep me from going astray towards the path of sin.”.
  4. While washing your right arm with your left hand, pray thus, “Baba! May I always perform good deeds with my hands.” And when washing your left arm with your right hand, “May I never perform sinful deeds with my hands”.
  5. Next, rinse your mouth praying thus, “May no untruthful words ever leave my mouth”. Rinse a second time praying, “May I ever repeat Your name, and my speech be knowledgeable and truthful ” and a third time, “Lord! Curb the desires of my tongue”.
  6. Clean your nostrils and pray, “Bless me that I may always smell pleasantness.
  7. Next, the eyes: May I disregard this false, gross world and always behold thy hidden divinity in thy infinite universe.
  8. The centre of the eyebrows: While washing this area during bath, pray, “Kindly bless me with divine vision, concentration in meditation and the divine light”.
  9. May my eyes ever rest on thy holy feet.
  10. Cheeks: Wash your cheeks praying, “May my cheeks feel your loving kiss bestowed by you on account of your being pleased with the service of your beloved child”.
  11. Chin: May your loving, divine hands rest upon my chin.
  12. Neck: May I not be subject to the trials of my karma.
  13. Ears: Close yours with your thumbs and pray, “Let my ears be ever absorbed in listening to your sublime voice! May my ears never hear the inferior words of this secular world.
  14. Next wet your right hand and pray, “May thy blessing hand ever rest on my head!” Again wet you hand and meditate for 10 minutes.
  15. Now, bow down to Baba and pray, “My Lord! You have created this infinite universe, you are the sustainer of this world through your magnificent strength, watching over every being endlessly, without rest for even a blink of an eye. Oh! Merciful Lord! Bless me that I may incessantly remember you and be worthy of your kindness. May your merciful gaze rest ever on me! May I be worthy of Sri Sai Baba’s blessing!”

by  S. Lakshmi, Ongole

Translation of Article in Fortnightly magazine ‘Sai Baba’, 1-6-1995



Udi or Vibhuti is the physical and tangible form of Bhakti- Gnyana- Vairagyam. These verily are the attributes of God.

Every time we are fortunate to receive udi from Ammagaru, we are supposed to remember that if one does ‘sadhana’ or spiritual discipline it takes the form of Fire, and emanates the fragrance in the subtle form to God which makes the sadhaka devoid of all smells good or bad and thus transforms him into the embodiment of bhakti-gnyana and vairagya which is akin to udi.

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