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Bless me Oh! Master! That I may become worthy of –
a single glimpse of you
a single glance from you
taking your name from my lips
hearing you name always
the sunlight that warms me daily without fail
the moonlight that brings serenity to my disturbed mind
the gentle breeze that calms my frittering thoughts day and night
the rain drops that cool my bruised ego and heart
the beauty of thy creation that surrounds me
the kindness I receive from all the creatures and material things that I am in the midst of
the food that you provide me in abundance of my sustenance
the love of my fellow beings
the love of your different manifestations that appear to the world as your consort, your daughter and your son
being of service to all thy creatures
doing service to all thy creatures

I am but an infinitesimal cog in the wheel of thy creation.
May my presence not be the cause of disturbance in the harmony of your immense creation
Let me be lead by you in all my thoughts
Let me be lead by you in all my actions
Because all that I hear, see, and utter has a bearing on me and my nature.
Such as I am, Oh! Merciful Master! Take me from darkness into light…

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