22 Aug

Once during her childhood Vedamma fell sick. Mastergaru who was tending to her kept his watch next to her medicines on the mat beside the sleeping Vedamma to aide him to give her medication at regular intervals.
It so happened that during that time a big rat came and took away the watch. (God knows what for?!!!) In the quest for the missing watch Ammagaru and Sulochana akka dug out the entire garden and meticulously combed all the rat holes but to no avail. Mastergaru though was unconcerned and replied, “Let it go. If it is ours we will get it back.” With that the matter was forgotten.
Some months later Ammagaru was making garden beds for sowing seeds when to her surprise she unearthed the missing watch. Amazingly, it was still ticking away!!!
Trivia on Sri Sai Master:
Whenever Sai Master wore a wrist watch, the watch would stop working. But if he removed it from his wrist, the watch would begin to tick again! Mastergaru hence never wore a watch. Makes one wonder: Did time stand still for him? When he is the beginning and the end, the creator and the created, then where in his presence is time and space?

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  1. Ananth

    October 21, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    “Kalaaya Namaha”
    Kaala Swaroopaya Namaha”


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