28 Apr

What is the TRUTH?      Where is the TRUTH?

This small book written by our beloved Sai Master more than a score years ago is a goldmine just waiting to be explored by each and every individual.


The book begins by painting a ghastly but horrifyingly true picture of our base and chaotic current society accurately and reasons out that such a despicable state of affairs is the result of losing our identity, character and self-worth as human beings. Human beings- as in beings possessing the quality of humanity. You might be surprised at the dictionary meaning of this word- benevolent, charitable, kind, tolerant, merciful, just, compassionate, generous, forgiving, etc…

The reader may well ask, but how and when did this decay begin? The answer given is clear as crystal- when man stopped utilizing that faculty which is unique to him, the one that differentiates him from mere animals- his intellect! The power to think independently and the courage to act accordingly! Somewhere along the way we have gained sheep-like qualities of being lead by popular belief, hearsay and fashion and lost that peculiar trait of human beings that is now observed only in children- curiosity.

This book tells us how to bring back every man’s lost glory. To be brave and bold in one’s righteous beliefs. How? By teaching us how to think. It gives the right direction to our thoughts. Best of all it gives us freedom to be ourselves, and not be a slave to someone else’s dictates over every aspect of our lives- from the beverage that we drink early in the morning to the political party we believe in, the kind of food we consume and the clothes we wear, the God we should be wary of ….. the list is endless thanks to the media propaganda we are constantly bombarded with.

The book gives a succinct view of the nature of creation, origin of time, the purpose of human life and free will. By means of simple, logical deduction it shows us the concepts of various religions and philosophies and modern science and where the twain meet. It lucidly explains the salient points of spirituality so that one can be rest assured that they shall never in their lives fall prey to false Gurus.

This book is a must read for every citizen of our country if he wants to remain true to himself and keep his head high and not be a victim in the hands of any member of the society. It is especially a beacon of light for the youth who envisage a better society.

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