Jai Sai Master!!!

24 Jan


Jai Sai Master!!!

In my last post I mentioned three paths given by Acharya Ekkirala Bharadwaja for attaining the highest goal of this blessed human life.

There are however two more ways, which were kindly brought to my attention by…..

The Dattatreya tradition holds all sadgurus, prophets, sufi saints and such in high esteem. They are regarded as guides, helping all mortals to attain to God. The Acharya says about them, ‘He (Sadguru) is the direct witness to the truth of mystic wisdom.’ (Swami Samarth). The many saints that the Acharya has brought to light for us like Sri Pakalpati Guru of Chinthapalli forests, the Swami of Chirala, Sri Rakhadi Baba, etc through his  series of books entitled The Saints that I have Visited, have shown that they are the One Spirit of Wisdom. These Masters incarnate on earth from time to time to reinterpret the scriptures and religion so as to make it intelligible and easy for laymen of that time and place to follow them. The sadguru sampradayam or study of the lives and teachings of these Masters is thus invaluable.

Self-styled Gurus abound in today’s society misleading many a naïve population into a pseudo-spiritual world. The true and real Guru’s do not lend themselves favourably either to fame or organization. To be fortunate enough to recognize a true saint requires stalwarts in the same field. In the absence of such exponents there is a time honoured tradition of being directed towards the right Guru through sincere and devoted reading of the Sri Guru Charitra. Such a distingiuished work, originally available only in Marathi and Sanskrit has been brought out it in many languages solely due to the efforts and grace of Acharya Bharadwaja.

These five paths thus become the prominent hallmarks of the venerable Acharya’s teachings.

Jai Sai Master!!!

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