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“His (Sai Baba’s) is the religion of tomorrow, if mankind has a future. If it has no future, Sai Baba’s is the only possible way of ensuring it.”
This sentence never fails to capture my attention! The statement is ominous and powerful at the same time, “…..if mankind has a future….”. It is riveting- as though he sees it all, knows it all! The King, The Master!!!
What future is Master referring to? This future of our day to day mundane existence with its drudgery, loneliness, passions, dogmatism, narrow attitudes, religious intolerance, intolerance to our own brethren, bad politics, taxes..… surely not, I hope!
Then what else does future mean? Thankfully, our very merciful Master does not leave us in the dark for long, for towards the end of the very same paragraph, he says, “Devoid of all these (intolerance, dogmatism, narrow proselytizing attitude) evils, all religions are the blue-prints of a future mankind of supermen.” Not to be taken lightly, superman here does not refer to Superman, Batman and others of that credo. It refers to the achievement of the highest potential of man. It is in the same context that he refers to Hazrath Tajuddin Baba as being, “the superman of the future”.
But the relationship between religion, superman and the future of mankind remains unclear unless we realize that the foundation of all religions is the ancient spiritual philosophy which tells us about the essential spiritual unity of all that we see and perceive with and beyond our senses. Such a spiritual experience is genuinely the forte of all the major religions of the world: be they the Sufi saints of Islam, the saints of Christianity, the Boddhisatvas of Buddha or the rishies of Hinduism.
In the words of Sri Aurobindo, “The man who dwells in the higher or divine and now hidden hemisphere of his consciousness, having rent the veil, is the true superman and the last product of that progressive self manifestation of God in world, spirit of matter, which is now called the principle of evolution.”

Jai Sai Master!!!



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