My Beloved Mastergaru

07 Oct

Master in the guest house at Kottapatnam beach in Ongole.

Pujyasri Acharya Ekkirala Bharadwaja is fondly called as ‘SaiMaster’

Acharya Ekkirala Bharadwaja loved the oceans and the mountains. Everytime we came to Ongole, Mastergaru would plan a trip to the beach at Kothapatnam. Everyone was included….so there was easily a gathering of about 30-40 people and we would all leave by around 6 in the morning. After enjoying ourselves in the salty water of the ocean (which is actually termed ‘samudrasnanam’), all the ladies would freshen up at the nearby lodge while the gents would bathe at the adjacent well including Mastergaru. Once these proceedings were over with, Mastergaru would be asked reverentially to be seated on the bed in the lodge and all of us would perform arati to him. Then naivedyam that we had carried from Ongole would be offered. We  would then  bow down and take the duat of  Mastergaru’s feet one by one and he would give udi in the hand and also apply it on our forehead. Only then would the distribution of prasadam begin. Invariably the prasadam would include puliora.  The prasadam distribution would be a lively affair with much hilarity all around. Slowly we would then pack up and loiter around the premises taking snaps or spending time in talking to Mastergaru. Finally it woul be afternoon before we left the beach and would reach in time for lunch which would be awaiting us deliciously prepared by Ammagaru’s loving hands!

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